The Polis Di-Raja Malaysia Football Association (PDRM FA) are an football association who supervising the football within the entity of Royal Malaysian Police. The team currently plays in the second division of Malaysian football, the Malaysian Premier League. Dollah Salleh has been appointed as the new coach of the team to face the 2014 season.

During 2007-07 season, PDRM has won the premier league champions and were promoted to Malaysia Super League. They have got seventh place in their debut league. 2009 was the unfortunate year for them. The team fall to the final position in the league and was relegated to the Malaysia Premier League. But in 2014, PDRM FA has been crouwned as the new Malaysia Premier League Champion after having an outstanding season, and being promoted to the Malaysia Super League 2015.


Super League 2016

Pos P W D L Pts
1 PKNS42117
2 Pahang42026
3 PDRM41215
4 Penang41124

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